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raid support in install cds

I think a valuable addition to the debian install system would be a way to
be able to create raid arrays of partitions during the install, and use
them to install the debian system into. Also raid1 would be very useful to
be compiled into the kernel to be able to boot from a raid1 root
filesystem. Of course it also should be using the raid0.90 patches from
Molnar Ingo. Redhat 6.1 (or 6.2?, I don't know exactly, only it was done
in front of my eyes) contains the ability to install into raid1 root.

What it needs as far as I see is the following:

- 0.90 raid patches in the kernel
- the raidtools2 package in the installed system if raid partitions are
- ability to setup and start raid system during install 
	(raid modules to be loadable, maybe done already) 
- ability to create filesystems on /dev/md? devices (at least manually)
	(requires the the appriopriate files from raidtools2 package in
	 the installing system)
- ability to mount filesystems from /dev/md? devices
	(at least manually, but preferable in the menus, not a big thing
	 after all)
- raid1 compiled into the installed kernel not as module 
	(to be able to boot from raid1 root)

- a lilo supporting boot from raid1-root in the install system 
	(I think the current one is appropriate)

It is worth for at least another flavor of install CD, I think, and it
would save a lot of bother if considering the amount of work needed to
convert an existing system totally to raid with raid1 root. :) 


Robert Varga

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