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Re: thinkpad 240

>>>>> "Sid" == Sid Bertheaud <sbertheaud@hotmail.com> writes:

    Sid> trying a floppy install. hangs up on 2 disk the root.bin. gives i/o message 
    Sid> and I have tried 4 disks.

    Sid> Goes like this.

    Sid> ramdisk0 floppy=thinkpad

 Try once without the floppy=thinkpad and see if it works.

    Sid> evedrying appears okay and then load disk two and it bugs out.

    Sid> Any special things i should know about thinkpad 240?

 Perhaps if you ask IBM, they can help.  They are a Linux friendly
 company, afaik.

    Sid> Until then my computers a paperweight.

 Not for long, we hope.

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