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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

Branden Robinson wrote:
> IIRC, it doesn't.  People using tasksel from the installer don't go through
> dselect.  It is dselect that auto-selects all Standard packages.  There is
> no task that does so.
> Therefore, people who use tasksel end up with systems that may be missing
> Standard (or possibly even packages with higher priority, if they're not
> somewhere in the transitive dependency chain generated by the tasks they
> *did* select).
> I think this should be fixed, somehow.

Tasksel does support autoselecting required, important, and standard
packages via the -r, -i, and -s switches. Currently, though, it is only
called with -ri, not -ris.

Policy states that:

          These packages provide a reasonably small but not too limited
          character-mode system.  This is what will install by default if
          the user doesn't select anything else.

When I was writing base-config I read this and was a little confused about
its intent. Does it mean that standard packages should only be autoselected
if the user selects nothing else? If so, dselect is sorta kinda in violation.
And what should tasksel do? Not autoselect standard packages if the user
picks any tasks at all?

I remember I posted to somewhere for clarification, but I forget if my post
was to -devel, -boot, or -policy. Anyway, I got a confusing mishmash of
answers, and in the end did not enable tasksel -s.

If people think that's wrong, there may be time to fix it for r1.

see shy jo

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