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Re: redesigning the debian installer

On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, Randolph Chung wrote:

> 4) C-based debconf
> Anyone (other than Glenn and myself) interested in working on this? I had 
> planned on tackling this after i finish udpkg, but my time will be somewhat
> limited in the next few weeks. I don't *think* it should be too difficult to
> do this....

I started to make some thoughts about it. I put some code (very
beginning, only something that could be the front-end-part of it,
under www.jugend-wm-netz.de/home/brl/debian/fe.zip

It is basely about the idee to have the frontends changing.
So that you can have for example an Frontend that asks the user about 
System name and ip and then exits and lets the work to other frontends.

Note that the code is still not able to do it, but it shows some thoughts
in this direction.

It does not have the main-interface for the configuration or the reading
of the templetes and so on. So just some experimenting about the
frontend handling.

> A month or so ago I had posted a proposal to design a detachable database
> system for debconf that is modularized (can use a text or binary, local or 
> remote) database. i think we can work this in with the automatable installs:
> a text-based debconf database is easily editable by a system administrator.
> otoh, a network based (ldap or whatnot) system will also allow automated
> installs over a lan/wan. Of course, size/complexity is a concern as well.

I think one has to make a difference between the internal database and an
database some frontend might use.

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