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Re: redesigning the debian installer

"Bernhard R. Link" wrote:
> >  IMHO would be more easier for this specific case to just install the
> > desired configuration,then have a small program(set of shellscripts,
> > whatever) that will
>  [...]
> > 5.reboot
> >
> > Does this seems viable and easy to implement or it's just
> > "overcomplicated" ?
> Half of discussion here is about to archieve exactly this.
> --

Hmm,not quite.
 I was thinking more of archiving the whole system in place,
then use the archive to restore,not reinstalling from scratch based on a
 I can't see why I'll want to reinstall again if I need to install
several computers with the exact same configuration.From my experience
installing debian most of the time is spent in postinstall when
configuring the pacakges.It's roughly the same amount of time as the one
needed to get and unpack the packages.Skipping this step will obviously
reduce the amount of time needed to install.

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