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Re: wider discussion of installer plans

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Hi, seems that lots of people are getting involved with issues relating
> to the installer, maybe soon would be good time to present joey's plan
> to a wider audience.
> I figure it would be best to present the plan as soon as we are all
> happy with it, but not hold back so long that we get too commited to our
> own ideas to incorporate any outside opinions. I dont think we have gone
> past that point, just think we should keep it in mind.
> But its your call Joey.

Well, with my Debian Weekly News editor hat on: the discussions have already
attracted enough attention so they're worth mentioning in the next issue of
DWN -- I have already written part of it in fact.

I won't mind if someone posts to -devel. So go ahead whenever seems

(I do assume you're just talking about making sure the rest of the
debian developers know what we're doing, not making a big deal to the
world about a plan that is at this point vaporware.)

see shy jo

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