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Re: bad press at www.linuxworld.com

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 11:49:25PM -0400, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> from the secret journal of Craig Sanders (cas@taz.net.au):
> > also, if you've done several dozen installs before and you know what
> > the path is, typing it in manually is a LOT faster than waiting
> > for the installer to search the slow CD-ROM filesystem. i've taken
> > advantage of this convenience feature many times while building
> > systems.
> i'm pretty certian that potato's dbootstrap doesn't search unless you
> tell it to. instead it knows the default location, assuming you have
> an "official" cd, in which case you can just press enter.

yep, i know. slink's didn't either. as i said, it's a useful convenience
feature that i've made use of in dozens of installs.


craig sanders

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