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Bug#71532: Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 for Intel x86

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> From: Adam Di Carlo [mailto:adam@onshore.com]
> Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:
> > Debian GNU/Linux installed, but this one seemed to be 
> worthy of note.
> > Nowhere in this document is anything about actually getting 
> Debian GNU/Linux
> > covered.  If this is intended to be something that's 
> distributed only with
> > Debian, then it would make sense, but I would place this 
> document as one of
> > the prime locations for new users to Debian.  I'd make 
> question 1.5 into
> > "How do I get Debian GNU/Linux?" and have a short section 
> pointing to the
> > rest of the documentation on that topic (which, while easy 
> to find, is not
> > referenced here).  
> Very good point.  Should be in Section 1 perhaps.  Do we need much 
> more than a link to http://www.debian.org/distrib/ ?  Woudl appreciate
> your thoughts on those questions.

Hey, I think I'm gonna like the Debian thing, people respond to my bug
reports...  :-)  I think just a sentence or two and a link to that page
would be just fine.  As I said above, I would make it question 1.5, and
shift the rest of the section 1 questions "up" by one number.  Later, and

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