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Re: install problem

Robi <robi@robi.yi.org> writes:

> Hey, I moved some files around and it finally went through. tty3 was
> usefull in seeing what it was actually wanting. The displays in the
> installer always reference images-1.44/rescue.bin which i think is wrong,
> it should be more descriptive, because on that screen in tty3 it was
> looking in a different path ;-/
> > :(( that's bad. Any special commang line
> I didn't use any other args

I just did it and it works fine. The docuemntation says smoosh all the
files in one dir, but that's not really the proper way to do it.  I've
corrected the documentation.  I've had no problems loading the
kernel/drivers/modules from disk however.

> > OK. I now know, why is this happening. The kernel doesn't get the correct
> > parameters. It works, when you boot from a floppy, but the install.bat doesn't
> > pass those parameters :((
> > 
> > So either boot from a floppy :(
> > or you can add this "disksize=1.44 flavor=idepci" (without the quotes) at the
> > end of the line in install.bat. This is untested, but should work. This should
> > be fixed in the next version of boot-floppies.

> Well cool, might want to do that for all the flavors and provide the
> correct batch file. 

It seems to be correct for i386, 'compact' set anyway.

> Also I noticed getting the install files its a pain
> in the butt to get something here, then few more things 2 levels deeper
> there, and so on piecing together stuff. Horrible way to install for
> people. Can't it just be grouped into 4-5 flavor directories, so you just
> recursively yank the apropriate flavor dir and you're set.

Doesn't anyone read documentation?  See

> Anyhow, thanks for the insight which led me to finally fix it and install.
> Two heads are better than one.

Glad you're up.  Please report bugs if you find them or wanna re-run
the installation using 2.2.17 images.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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