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Re: make distclean rule broken in CVS libfdisk

Chris Rutter <chris@willow.armlinux.org> writes:

> Enclosed is a (hopefully uncontroversial) patch which adds support for
> some weirdo partitioning formats found on Acorn machines (which come
> under ARM).  The patch is against CVS from about a week ago; I don't
> think anything relevant to the patch has changed in that time.

You're wrong there.  Acorn patches have already come in from Peter

> There's actually quite a bit more coming in terms of ARM; a subarch
> system and a new bunch of kernels (just as m68k), and possibly some
> other tinkerings with the loopback driver (this may turn out to be a
> very popular method of install on ARM), but I thought I'd rather submit
> them in little bits.

Cool -- I was wondering about all that.  Well, please coordinate with
Peter and other ARM workers.  People working in isolation is obviously
not efficient.  I hate to see all your hard work thrown away like

You do have anon/read-only access, right?

> This patch should supercede any other patch with similar functionality
> that might have appeared to date: there are, unfortunately, /many/
> partitoning formats out there, and deciphering them is complex, and
> rather than having to rewrite all the code twice (which is actually
> quite a substantial job for Acorn/ARM), this code simply interfaces
> to a small partitioning library which is being developed already.

Hmm.  I understand.  But you're asking me to superceed Peter's work
for yours.  The thing I like about Peter's patch is that it's not as
deep as yours.  However, what you're doing seems pretty clean -- I'm
ok with either approach so long as it does not destabilize other
architectures in any way.

I note in config.h you do:



> If this is the wrong address to send the patch to, apologies!

Yes, you should email debian-boot@lists.debian.org in the future.

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