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Re: redesigning the debian installer

Bernhard R. Link wrote (about debconf):
> As I see, there is no need for compatibility with the other protocolls,
> as they seem to be perlish-call-an-method protocolls.

Those arn't protocols. Debconf is object oriented perl code, and you're
seeing objects use other objects. But all such stuff is entirely
specific to my implementation of debconf and can easily be ignored by

> (Which would also be
> something for some in-the-long-run replacement for debconf: When database,
> ui and so on could be perl,c,shell-script or what ever one wants to have).

Randolph Chung has actually written a debconf "passthrough" frontend that
allows other programs to serve as debconf frontends and communicate with
it via a pipe. And yes, the database does need to be split out somehow.

see shy jo

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