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Re: preparing boot-floppies 2.2.17

On 11 Sep 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> I would like to have people hold off on any "worrysome" hacking or any
> commits to CVS which could possibly detriment stability or require a
> lot of testing.

I've just found one annoying bug that's definately worth fixing (if it isn't
already). Found it on i386, but I guess it'll affect other arch's as well.

Step: Install kernel and modules.

When this step is performed more than once, the /target/lib/modules is moved
to /target/lib/modules.old, which works fine. But it seems that there's a
symlink /lib/modules->/target/lib/modules that's being re-created if that step
is performed a second(3rd,..) time. Only this goes wrong, and we get
/target/lib/modules->/target/lib/modules which is a recursive symlink. I guess
that at some point the install system thinks it's in /lib, while it actually
is in /target/lib, and then does 'ln -s /target/lib/modules modules' or the

The weird thing is that the modules seem to be installed fine (tested from
both floppy and CD) and without errors, but they don't end up on the disk at
all. In the "Configure the modules" which follows that step, there's only one
item, "Exit" :-(

Also note that you are forced to re-run that step if an error occured during
that step and/or you canceled it. I first noticed this problem after I fed it
the wrong floppy.

  Anne Bezemer

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