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Bug#71080: errors in documentation chapter 8

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.16

In the installation documentation "Installing Debian GNU?linux 2.2 For
i found some problems in chapter 8.4 compiling a new kernel

page 55.
is written kernel-source-2.2.17.tar.gz
but when you apt-get install kernel-source then you get a
kernel-source-2.2.17.tar.bz2 file
so then also the line about how to extract this should change to
bunzip2 -c kernel-source-2.2.17.tar.bz2 | tar -xvpf -

a bit further on the page
it says twice /usr/sbin/make-kpkg
that should be /usr/bin/make-kpkg

I am using Debian 2.2 sparc kernel version 2.2.17

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