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Re: bugs 64500 and 64823

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 08:24:16PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > naturally i checked that the /dev/loop0 device is available and readable (it
> > has the same rights in both root /dev).
> > 
> > Ok, this is the current status. Now, what can we do about it ?
> Wait a minnit.  Why can't we just change dbootstrap to give the mount
> command Michel mentioned, rather than the one which you mentioned?
> Assuming taht doesn't break other arches (don't see why it would) then
> we have a pretty damn good workaround... no?

Hello Adam, ...

Nice to see that you are again looking into it, I have to confess that i did
not look more into it, because i really hadn't time to play with boot floppies
anymore, and that the response from the apus community didn't was very high
(well apart from michel i didn't get any response to my call for confirmation
on the apus lists).

That said, yes, please do it. I will gladly try out anything and confirm it's
good work. I will also rewrite the documentation stuff once it is fixed to
show the new state of this stuff. 

I think the apus subarch need a boot loader and kernel upgrade also.

BTW, i suppose this is for woody, or maybe a potato upgrade ?



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