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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#69150: boot-floppies: provide more information about available disks for partitioning

> > Sorry, this bug doesn't belong to mac-fdisk. In the old days (hamm), the
> > list of available Linux partitions was generated from the fdisk -l output.
> > Since slink, dbootstrap uses libfdisk to read various partition formats. 
> Ah, that's true.

Glad you agree. The issue affects all archs and fdisks BTW. 
> > Should I reassign the bug to libfdisk, or would you like to do that
> > yourself? 
> That's libfdisk from boot-floppies, right?

Apparently; I could not find libfdisk as a separate package. 

I think it's not so much a matter of libfdisk actually, as the user wanted
to get more information about the available _disks_ before
even starting to partition. I don't know how dbootstrap recognizes the
disks attached to the system but if it involves the proc filesystem the
bit of additional info could be found there as well.

The install docs explicitly describe the naming scheme for disks and
partitions. Just looking at the hardware configuration before starting the
install would make the whole 'which disk is sda' painfully obvious. If the
user doesn't know which SCSI ID is assigned to what disk, (s)he has no
business installing Linux. 
But in the interest of serving the largest userbase possible, a separate
menu item 'view disks' next to 'view partition table' might be in order.

> > If I missed something here, please explain.
> No, I don't think so.  Could you just assign it back to boot-floppies?

OK, will do.


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