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Bug#69793: IBM PC Server 320 (MCA/PCI Pentium) cannot boot

Sorry for taking time to reply -- been on vacation ...

On 26 Aug 2000 19:46:42 -0400, Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:
 > era eriksson <era@iki.fi> writes:
 >> The instructions in the installation manual specifically say to
 >> submit a bug report against boot-floppies if you can't manage to
 >> get it running.
 > Sure. But kernel issues just get redirected to the kernel. I don't
 > like confusing users by putting in too much "real-world"
 > complexity.
 >> I'll gladly try to figure out how to submit a bug report against
 >> the installation manual if that's what you're implying. (But as
 >> I'm not very intimately familiar with the Debian organization, I
 >> bet somebody else could find the exact coordinates for the currect
 >> GNATS category much faster than I could ...)
 > Ok, well, boot-floppies is the right package to report bugs in the
 > install manual.  

I think we're in phase error here. Without going back and checking
exactly who said what (I've moved old mail off-line already, checking
is not a big problem but I feel it's not worth the effort, and not the
central thing here anyway), I'm talking about why I was submitting
this to boot-floppies in the first place. You said something I
interpreted as a mild flame for sending this to the wrong place, and
my reply to that is that I was simply following instructions. If
that's still a problem then the instructions are wrong, and I'll
gladly resubmit this as a bug report against those instructions.

Hope this helps clear things up (more than it confuses things further :-)

/* era */

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