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Bug#70871: kernel-compilation documentation

Package: boot-floppies
version: potatoe

Hello !
In the section regarding kernel compilation (8.4):
-/usr/sbin/make-kpkg is wrong. make-kpkg is installed in /usr/bin

-The documentation indicates that a seperat package is build for the
 If you have created a modules package, you'll need to install that package as well.

 I am new to debian, so maybe I made some mistake, but I created modules
 together with the kernel and they were included all in one deb-package.
 Maybe the documentation should indicate that possibility.

-More a wish but I think you could mention that ncurses-XX-dev (the dev
 is the important one) is required for make menuconfig, though of course
 you correctly refer to the full documentation.

-Lastly if such docu does exist, as a person new to debian I would have
 greatly appreciate references to documentation about general topics
 which are handled "the Debian way", e.g. networking, sound install because
 apropos and man (including info) does not help here much.

Greetings and sorry I included the wish-list here.

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