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Bug#70802: [alpha] Can't install non-Nautilus on UP1100

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2_rev0_CDa

On Tue, 2000 Aug 29, I wrote to debian-alpha@lists.debian.org:

> I created a Debian 2.2r0 'Official alpha binary-1' CD last week. I
> used it to install the Nautilus kernel on a UP1100, but then the
> machine wouldn't boot because of 'lost interrupt' errors. It has been
> suggested that I use the generic kernel, not Nautilus, because the
> UP1100 has SRM. However, I don't seem to be able to get dbootstrap to
> install a non-Nautilus kernel. When I do 'Install OS kernel & modules'
> from the CD-ROM, it asks me for a directory containing
> nautilus/images-1.44/rescue.bin, so I always get the Nautilus version.

After posting this message, I created a 2.2rev0a CD for alpha to see
if it would act differently, but it didn't. I then created rescue,
root and driver floppies from the _generic_ images-1.44 directory on
the CD, and used them to install the base system onto the hard
disk. This system then booted beautifully (no lost interrupts) and I
was able to do everything else from the CD.

It seems (to me) that my original problem was with the alpha CD.
Something in dbootstrap on the CD seems to think that it recognizes
the UP1100 as being the Nautilus subarchitecture, although it's not. I
don't understand the system well enough to know who is doing the
recognizing, but presumably that code needs to be updated to handle
the UP1100. Perhaps it has been already but isn't on the stable

I wonder, would it not be useful to be able to override the
automatically detected subarchitecture in dbootstrap?

- Robert Funnell

W. Robert J. Funnell, Ph.D., Eng., Assoc. Prof.
Dept. BioMedical Engineering, McGill University
Tel. +1-514-398-6739        Fax +1-514-398-7461

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