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Re: regarding xviddetect

On Aug 21, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I know there are still plenty of video cards that xviddetect does not
> detect.  I can see a lot of bug reports to that effect.
> I think it would be worthwhile to maintain a branch of xviddetect so
> that anXious could know about more videocards which get updated at
> Potato point releases.  Do you agree?

I think that would be a very good idea.  However, for woody, I think
we should probably move to the libdetect (HardDrake) code base (now in
unstable as of yesterday).

Incidentally, you may actually be able to get a more complete card
database for 2.2r1 by parsing the board info files in libdetect and
massaging them into anXious' format.  IIRC the X server for each card
is listed there.


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