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Re: Sony Cd ROM Model CDU31A-02

"Andrew" <uncleandy1@bartnet.net> writes:

> I am a new user of Linux.  I cant get the install program to find my
> CD drive.  I made a floppy boot disk through dos and I get to the
> list that I have to choose from for the install program to find my
> CD drive and install the kernal but none of the selections work.

The Potato (frozen) boot floppy should support this device.  Please
try that.  If that doesn't work, try the idepci "flavor" if disks --
see the top-level readme.

If that doesn't work, send detailed hardware and problems report to
the bug tracking system, that is, report a bug.

> The version of Linux is Debian/GNU.  If the CD drive wont work can I
> make a stack of floppys thru dos like I did the boot disk?  If I can
> how do I go about it.  I have read the book that came with Debian
> and I cant find the answer.

I don't know what that book is of which you speak.  There is an
install manual which comes with the install system itself, which is
what we maintain, which does describe CD installation.

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