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Re: Question for the boot floppies team.

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 12:55:52PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:

> Does it really make sense to ship disk images for 5 1/4in floppies?
> Whoever takes them from CD has certainly a CD reader...
> Would not be enough to leave them on ftp.debian.org?

One having a CD-ROM and being able to boot from said CD-ROM are two
different things.  I have a friend who doesn't have a 3.5" disk because
he didn't want to spend the $15US on it when he built his PC; he used an
old 5.25" floppy instead.  I'm not saying that his logic makes sense,
I'm just saying that some people like it that way...
> The reason I ask about this is that CD #1 now has only 900 packages, which
> is a pity (in slink, CD #1 had 1100 popular packages). I don't think 5 1/4 in
> floppies are popular enough to be on the first CD.

I don't understand; you just said that CD1 doesn't have enough packages
to suit you, and you're saying that even /more/ Mylar should be wasted
by removing packages that don't seem to fit on any /other/ disk, either?

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