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Bad links in the install documents on the website

As one of the webmasters for the Debian web site, I run a urlchecker over
the site. There are a lot of broken links in the install documentation.
It is not a priority to fix the broken links for previous releases,
but the ones for potato should be fixed before the release.

You can see the results at http://www.debian.org/~treacy/bad_links/releases
Note that some of the files are symlinks:
 stable   -> slink
 frozen   -> potato
 unstable -> woody
The vast majority of the links should be the same for each pair.

It looks like fixing a few bugs in some scripts will fix almost all the

BTW, the urlchecker has many problems and a new python script will be
used after www.d.o is upgraded to potato. If you find a listed link
is valid, just blame the urlchecker. :)

James (Jay) Treacy

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