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Bug#67900: doc: "FIXME" text remains (because not labeled "FIXME")

On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 09:42:08AM -0400, Daniel Barclay wrote:
> Section 5.3.2 of the English i386 installation instructions at
> .../frozen/main/disks-i386/2.2.16-2000-07-14/doc/ch-install-methods.en.html
> contains text that probably should be deleted:
>    5.3.2 Sources and Installation Stages 
>    Needs expert review. 
>    The following table indicates
> (It looks like the "Needs expert review." part wasn't labeled
> with "FIXME" and was missed in cleanup.)

Actually, it is labeled with FIXME, but it doesn't matter, since our
defaults.ent file still has:

<!-- whether or not to show the FIXME stuff -->
<!entity % FIXME "INCLUDE">

Someone (hi Adam :) needs to rebuild the docs with that turned off...

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