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Re: Debian2.2 Won't install

* Tobias Rundstr?m (tobi@tobi.nu) [000726 04:08]:
> Hello!
> I've installed debian2.2 several times, but this time something strange
> happend.
> nf_http_fetchfile :: file download failed, content-length is 1589260, file
> size is 7532544 bytes
> what does that mean and how to fix it?

I'm only guessing here since I haven't looked at the src, but I've 
noticed a couple of times that if the fetch of base fails and then
you retry, it seems as tho the install doesn't overwrite the failed
fetch but actually appends to it. It's not consistent but it gives
an error message very much like what you are seeing. Whenever the
download of base fails before it is complete I always just jump out to
the console and delete the base tarball and restart the dl. I believe
the tarball lives in either /target/tmp or /tmp. 

Like I said....just a guess. Hope it helps tho. :)

Nathan Valentine - nrvale0@uky.edu
University of Kentucky Distributed Computing Systems Lab
AIM: NRVesKY ICQ: 39023424

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