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[potato] last not i18ned part in bf and more

Hello again!

1). First, the base-config thing:

I tried to find a way to make base-config use Polish, so during one
installation I booted linux in single user mode to edit /etc/inittab before
it started debconf

Here are the results:

First of all unfortunately this:

> Hmm... this is probably run by a shell, so, as a hack, couldn't we do
>  1:2345:respawn:LANG=whatever LC_*=whatever /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure
> base-config ...

won't work ('sh: exec: LANG not found', or 'export : not found', both
resulting in a 'respawning too fast')

It seems the only way to go is make a wrapper script. I tested that, and
debconf works OK (i.e. the templates show in Polish, and the only
untranslated things are yes/no buttons and two messages (in the background
and at the top of the box), which are not important).

So what's the decision? Is the script going to be added to base-files?

2). Is there any reason that country names (eg. during TZ or kbd selection)
are not _()-ed ?



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