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Feedback needed for patch

Hi all,

   A little while ago I announced my intent to work on the boot
floppies. I am now finished with a patch that allows to preload
essential modules from a floppy at the beginning of the installation
process. For example, you need a driver for the raid card on some
servers. The process uses initrd to load the modules before every boot.
This patch only concerns i386 arch since it uses Lilo. 

So I'd like to have some feedback since this is my very first patch on 
the boot-floppies. I will carefully read every comment and fix my code.

What is the policy to get a CVS account ? I'd like this to be
integrated in the woody boot-floppies.

You can find the patch at http://www.debian.org/~gemorin/boot with a sig

Thank you in advance for your help. Regards,

Guillaume Morin <guillaume.morin@alcove.fr>

If you cause problems that only you can fix, you'll never be fired.

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