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Bug#67645: base: /etc/environment isn't owned by any packages

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Peter Novodvorsky wrote:

> Package: base
> Version: 20000724
> Severity: normal
> Hello!
> File /etc/environment isn't owned by any package and so it cannot be
> upgraded.

/etc/environment is a text file so it can be "upgraded" by using any text
editor, like emacs, etc.

There is no requirement in policy that every file has to "belong" to a
given package, so this is not a bug.

If the boot-floppies team asks me so, I would gladly include a default
/etc/environment in base-files, but it would be treated like
/root/.profile or /root/.bashrc, i.e. the user will never be prompted
about it in any way.


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