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Bug#67510: nf_http_fetchfile couldn't resolve host name

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.17

I was installing potato from scratch with the 5 floppies. I
choose the network to retrieve the base system, I leaved the
default (http.us.debian.org) as the server, but the download
failed because the network card was unplugged.

Then I plugged the card, but after that the download failed
again, with the same message:

nf_http_fetchfile :: http.us.debian.org couldn't be resolved,
Host name lookup failure (h_errno=2).

I tried with other host names, but the message was alike.

I opened another shell and issued "ping http.us.debian.org",
which worked. So I get the IP address of the host, and continued
the installation using it instead of the name.

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