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kernel dev patches

Hi, ive been playing around with kernel modules, and i intend to make
/proc/filesystems, /proc/partitions available as devices in the same way
as busybox's devmtab, devps and devmodules.

My reasons for this are that when debian installer starts one of its
first priorities may be to find space that it can use, it is preferable
for it to be a filesystem in memory, but it could also be a loop

Having /proc/partitions and /proc/filesystems make it fairly easy to
check for possible locations for a loop file.

The reason for not just using the normal /proc is that it enlarges the
kernel by about 67KB in 2.[34].x which is about 5% of our space on the
initial boot floppy. By using a few dev modules we could (if we choose)
avoid having to use a kernel with /proc support compiled in.

Ive got a module that works already, but it only displays output when
the module is inserted, it shouldnt be too hard to fix up from here, ill
just follow how dev/mtab etc work.

I can also get it to display extra partition information such as the
partitions start and end points which could could possibly be usefull
for a partitioning program.


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