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Bug#67118: base system does not contain /var/log/btmp

Previously Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> laurent bonnaud <Laurent.Bonnaud@inpg.fr> writes:
> > the base system in 2.2.15-2000-06-07/base2_2.tgz does contain /var/log/wtmp,
> > but it does not contain /var/log/btmp.  Adding this file has two advantages:
> > 
> >  - it is probably better from a security point of view
> >  - logrotate tries to rotate it (see Bug#64043)
> Why should this be provided by base2_2.tgz itself -- shouldn't it be
> provided by base-files or something?

Actually I vaguely remember some documentation stating that it's probably
a bad idea to have a btmp file. It would certainly be a place where password
would be logged plaintest if a users enters a password instead of a
username by accident.


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