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Automated repetable installation tool.

I  have strarted to write some tools to automate installation witch isr
essential to install several server.
Unfortunly the code that modify disk and the code of the GUI is to much
nested so is a big work to separate the GUI code from the other.
At now I have no time to go further forward. Nevertheless this work may be
usefull to somebody who want to take back this task.

I use flexml to create an xml parser that is no to big (no xml lib).
The parser make fonction call to a modified dbootstrap version.

I hope that even if this code is far to be functional it will help to improve
debian project.

Rémi Perrot <remi.perrot@alcove.fr>
Ingénieur Informatique Libre
Alcôve - http://www.alcove.fr/

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