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Bug#66578: Module descriptions in modconf


please keep the cc line (to bugs.debian.org) so that we can keep track of
this in the BTS.

> I'd like to release something better, but we are in freeze. Do
> you think we can add some files to the package? I mean a README
> with some guidelines like that:
oh, i thought this was already in the package. I had posted a readme about
translations to the debian-boot list some time back. unfortunately i haven't
been able to find that message yet.

> Modconf (once compiled) looks for descriptions of modules in
> /usr/share/modconf/descr.gz and /usr/share/modconf/eval_* (is it
> OK? In what order? When it uses localized versions?).

the eval_* once take precedence at all times. it uses localized versions
according to your LANG setting in the environment, just like most other
i18nized programs.

> - Your kernel tree supposed to live in /usr/src/linux/
> - The Module-HOWTO.gz (a little outdated doc)
> - The descr.additional and template/eval_*.fixed files
> - Is that all? Is the order correct?


> Because the latter files override previous methods, if you want
> to add/fix descriptions for some modules do the following:
> - Add a brief description (n chars) of the modules in
>   template/eval_C.fixed and the localized version in
>   eval_xx.fixed only if really needed.
> - Add a section for that module in descr.additional. This section
>   is organized as follow...
> - I guessed it OK? I fear not, because I was unable to generate
>   an unique summary_lp="...." in eval_C :-(

hrm, not quite sure what you are trying to do here. don't we already have a
summary_lp line?

> I hope this is possible.
> With that guideline, adding/fixing descriptions become quick and
> feasible for me and form many other people, without breaking the
> freeze status.

again, my apologies for not including the instructions in the pacakge. if
you search through the list archives you may be able to find that message...

> I think that this is not the "right thing" to do: it would be
> better to develop a totally automated procedure that look in the
> sources and magically do the rest. But manual work can assure
> that at least very popular modules will be well documented.

as i said in my last email, if you have suggestions on how to do this
automatically i would love to hear them.

> Just another question.
> Do you know why lp.o is not correctly modprobed during the potato
> install? I need to insmod parport_pc manually, otherwise lp wont
> load. Both in modconf or via command line in another shell.

it may be because we don't have a correct /etc/modules.conf file on the root
disk? i dunno, it looks ok to me, but that's the only thing i can think of.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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