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Bug#66357: No MD5sums for (most) base files

severity 66357 normal
reassign 66357 debian-policy

exa <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> writes:

> Today, I've had the chance to thrash my root filesystem. While I 
> was recovering the root fs, I tried to find the corrupt files with
> debsums. However, I then recalled that base files didn't really
> have MD5sums with them. (Package x didn't come with checksums).
> Of course, this isn't a debsums bug. The problem is that you would
> expect the most important packages to come with checksums. For instance,
> libc6. I suggest that all files in the base distribution come with
> md5sums in proper.

That idea may or may not have merit.  However, it is a Policy issue,
not an issue for the boot-floppies team; refiled accordingly.

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