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Bug#66266: installation hang

Package: boot-floppies
version: 2.1
architecture: i386
model: IBM
memory: 96MB
SCSI: none
CD-ROM: Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-2500 (IDE)
           HP CD Writer+ 8200 (IDE)
network card: none
PCMCIA: none
AGP card: SR9 Savage 4 8MB SDRAM
sound card: ESS Solo-1 PCI Audiodrive
modem: Conexant HCF V90 56k Data/Fax PCI modem
After succesful partition of hard drive (IDE) booted from cd-rom with debian 
linux 2.1 and installation crashed computer at:

sym53c416.c: version 1.0.0
DC390: 0 adapters found

I was hoping there was a way to fix this.
Thank You,
Robert C. Farrell

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