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Bug#65379: boot-floppies: drivers.tgz Error messes up screen

Herve Bronnimann <herve@geometry.poly.edu> writes:

> When you execute the shell, and try to `more' a binary file (such as a
> file in /target/lost+found after a crash) you get the familiar mess on
> the display. Sometimes the mess stays on (blinking, graphical
> characters) after `more'. The bad news is that it will stay garbled even
> after you quit the shell and even if you use the menu `Restart
> configuration'. The only way out is to reboot.  Unfortunately, in my
> case, that was a reboot after every lookup into lost+found.
> I think the problem would be very easily solved by providing a `reset'
> capability to the terminal of the boot floppy.

That's interesting.  Is the terminal garble problem fixed by doing
"echo ^v^o" (where ^v and ^o is pressing control-v then control-o
resp).  We should really easily have layzbox provide reset as that

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