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Re: [woody,debinst]

Esben Haabendal Soerensen wrote:
> Ok, I see I have to look into debconf before arguing much more about
> this.

Let me summarize the features of debconf that seem to apply to using in
in an installer:

* Debconf reduces user interaction to a series of questions and
* The questions are stored in a simple file format.
* Some glue logic code is used to cause the questions to be asked. It
  is provided along with the questions, and communicates using a simple
* Questions may be presented to the user via a variety of frontends.
* Questions are prioritized, and the user may elect to only see
  questions of a given priority.
* The answers are stored in a backend database, which can be of a
  variety of formats. The database can be pre-seeded with defaults.

see shy jo

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