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Re: dselect: 2nd plea for help

rslittle <rslittle@ionline.net> writes:

> Hello, once again folks.  I havent heard from anyone yet about this
> problem so am resending.  
> I'm using the Summer 1999 Infomagic distribution cd's and chose multicd
> access method.
> After going through the initial setup and logging in as root I couldn't
> find any X11R6 related files anywhere, just empty directories.  I tried
> again using dselect.
> Here's what I get after selecting:
> Get currently installed package versions......
> Cannot open /var/lib/dpkg/methods/multicd/available: No such file or
> directory
> Installation script returned error exit status 1

You need to be sure the dpkg-multicd package is installed properly.
That file should be there.  On updated slink installers, too, I think,
you can use apt for multi-cd installation.

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