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test of 'compact' install with 20000614 CVS

I'm booting with the rescue and root 1.44MB diskettes. I have my
boot-floppies CVS build copied onto an hard drive on the machine I'm
installing on. I mounted the partition, switched over to vt2, and copied
resc1440compact.bin into images-1.44/compact/rescue.bin and copied
driverscompact.tgz into compact/drivers.tgz, and told dbootstrap to
install kernel and modules from the directory with the build of CVS files.

I think what happened was that it used the drivers.tgz in the '.'
directory instead of in './compact'. The kernel installed is
2.2.15-compact, but the modules are in /lib/modules/2.2.15/

I noticed an "empty" modules dialog (save for the "exit" item) and noticed
the above from the debug messages.

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