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Re: PPPoE for base?

PPPoE = PPP over Ethernet. It's the connection method icnreasingly being
imposed on home DSL users by their ISPs (PacBell and Bell Atlantic are two
big DSL providers inflicting it on their new customers). 

Here in the West, PacBell provides its own (proprietary, binary only) PPPoE
stuff for Linux users. 

There's also the "Roaring Penguin" package (http://www.roaringpenguin.com/).
They release the binary only as an .rpm, but there is a source .tgz; I don't
know the license.

There is a pppoe_*.deb package maintained by Christian Hudon

Too bad it won't make the cut. It's starting to look like it will be a big
deal for home (and possibly small business) users of DSL. 

At 01:02 AM 6/13/00 -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>hashao <hashao@china.com> writes:
>>   Is it possible to include PPPoE in the base2_2.tgz? More and more
>>   ISP provide wide band internet access throught PPPoE now. And people
>>   using PPPoE tents to install Debian through network.
>I have no idea.  What is PPPoE?  Is it packaged and in Debian?
>Anyhow, even assuming it's worthy and packaged, it's too late to add
>this for the upcoming Potato release.

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