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Bug#64976: help - stuck in sloppy installation

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> >>>>> "JJJ" == JJJ  <jang@bigpond.com> writes:
>     JJJ> "Mount failed - This is not the Rescue Floppy. Please place the rescue
>     JJJ> floppy in the first drive and try again"
>     JJJ> I cant seemed to pass this step, I tried "safe" image of the rescue disk
>     JJJ> to no avail. I am stuck! Please help
>  Are you sure it's the "rescue" floppy that's in the drive, and not
>  the "root" floppy?


Thanks for the E-Mail. I have solved the problem. Would you believe that
the BIOS setting was such that my 1.4 Meg floppy drive was read as 1.2
It did not complain when LILO kicks in, but when it look to install the
the wrong setting took its toll.

I look carefully at the BIOS set-up and finally changed it. I am now
running Debian
quite happily (All I need now is more disk space :) )

Thanks again.


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