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Re: potato

Thanks for your reply. I will try to post more appropriately. I also just
read the relase notes for potato, as well as the installation
instructions. One thing that was not clear in describing the procedure
apt-get dist-upgrade that upgrading the kernel was a separate process.
Also, I did not find matching descriptions for 'vanmilla', etc, at least
at the 2.2.15 level. I would bet that I'm not alone in using the web pages
for doing some upgrading. If, as Josip Rodin suggested, it is too late to
change 2.2.15-ide, would it be possible to merely change the documentation
on the web page? 

Just a suggestion. 

Arthur H. Edwards
712 Valencia Dr. NE
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On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Josip Rodin wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 11:44:52PM -0600, Arthur Edwards wrote:
> > In a previous message, I had surmised that kernel-image-2.2.15-ide 
> > had no SCSI support. I was right. I now have SCSI support using 
> > kernel-image-2.2.15.  While the package name does contain ide, the 
> > discussion only stipulates that it includes an ide patch for 
> > advanced ide devices. I strongly suggest one of two paths:
> > 
> > 1. SCSI support is built into a new version of this image
> Release Notes and Installation Manual contain this:
>    Kernel images are available in various "flavors", each of which
>    supports a different set of hardware. The flavors available for Intel
>    x86 are:
>    `vanilla'
>           The standard kernel package available in Debian. This includes
>           almost all drivers supported by Linux built as modules, which
>           includes drivers for network devices, SCSI devices, sound
>           cards, Video4Linux devices, etc. The `vanilla' flavor includes
>           one Rescue Floppy, one root and three Driver Floppies.
>    `udma66'
>           Very similar to `vanilla', except it includes Andre Hedrick's
>           IDE patches to support UDMA66 devices.
>    `compact'
>           Like `vanilla', but with many of the less-frequently-use
>           drivers removed (sound, v4l, etc). In addition, it has built in
>           support for several popular PCI Ethernet devices -- NE2000,
>           3com 3c905, Tulip, Via-Rhine and Intel EtherExpress Pro100.
>           These built in drivers allow you to take full advantage of the
>           Debian installer's net install feature to install the Driver
>           Floppies and/or base system over the network so that only the
>           root and Rescue Floppy disks need to be made. Finally,
>           `compact' also supports several common RAID controllers:
>           DAC960, and Compaq's SMART2 RAID controllers. The `compact'
>           flavor includes one Rescue Floppy, one root and one driver
>           disk.
>    `idepci'
>           Kernel that supports only IDE and PCI devices (and a very small
>           number of ISA devices). This kernel should be used if the SCSI
>           drivers in the other flavors cause your system to hang on
>           startup (probably because of resource conflicts, or a
>           misbehaving driver/card in your system.) The `idepci' flavor
>           also has a built-in ide-floppy driver so that you can install
>           from LS120 or ZIP devices.
>    Although we have described above how many 1.44MB diskettes the
>    different sets occupy, you may still choose different methods of
>    installation.
>    The kernel config files for these flavors can be found in their
>    respective directories in a file named "kernel-config".
> Perhaps the name "kernel-image-2.2.15-ide" is wrong. Can it be changed
> this late in the freeze? I somehow doubt it...
> Notice that discussions regarding Debian installations should be held on
> debian-boot or debian-testing lists, not debian-devel. Kernel related issues
> should be sent to the kernel maintainer directly.
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