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Re: [FILE] : Busybox ar command, to unpack debs

On Tue May 30, 2000 at 05:41:43AM +1000, bug1 wrote:
> The attached ar.c file can be included in busybox to enable "ar"
> archives to be unpacked.
> Seems debs are really ar.tar.gz we should now be able to unpack deb's
> from busybox alone.
> This is still pretty rough, all it does is accept the file to unpack as
> a paramater, it then lists the files details to the screen as it unpacks
> it to the current directory.
> It shouldnt break, but still lots of things to do to it, like check
> before overwriting file, extract to dir, list contents only etc, but
> this is just my first go.
> I created a function copySubFile(sourceFileDescriptor,
> destinationFiledescriptor, size) that coppies the specified amout of
> data from the current position of one filedescriptor to a second one, i
> thought something like this could be used as a common function, it could
> be used by ar, tar, cp_mv, maybe others i dont know.
> My c programming skills are(were) a bit rusty, so any feedback most
> welcome.
> Bloody segfaults took me ages to fix... mongrels ! 
> To try it you will have to link it to busybox manually, its 5am here,
> ill send a proper patch next time.

Cool.  I'll give it a proper try tomorrow at work,


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                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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