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Bug#64500: subject boot-floppies don't want to install kernel & modules on ppc/apus.

severity 64500 important

This bug is not critical since it doesn't cause data loss.
See http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#severities

Sven LUTHER <luther@lambda.u-strasbg.fr> writes:

> the install os kernel & modules i not working on ppc/apus.

Can someone who has ppc/apus confirm this?

> i did it, and got the following log :
>   - installing kernel & modules from
>     /target/home/debian/dists/potato/disks-powerpc/current
>   - running cmd `mount -r -t ext2 /dev/loop0 /floopy'
>   - mounting /dev/loop0 on /floppy failed : Invalid argument
>   - Unable to mount the Rescue floppy, you may have inserted the wrong 
>     floppy, please try again.
> Also i tried it by hand :
>   $ mount -t ext2 -o loop=/dev/loop0 rescue.bin /floppy
>   Mounting root.bin on /floppy failed : Block device required.
> The same goes with an (uncompressed) root.bin.
> I have loop builtin the kernel and still it does not work, also the /dev/loop0
> has the same properties as on the i386 box i have also.
> The strangest thing is that once i hand installed the modules and completed
> the install (no need for a kernel because it resides on the amigaos side of
> the harddisk, there not being any lilo like stuff for apus) i tried again the
> same command :
>   $ mount -t ext2 -o loop=/dev/loop0 rescue.bin /floppy
> And it worked without problem.
> As the apus boot floppies porter, i should solve this problem, but i don't
> know what to do about it (also i am just now recovering from a total partiton
> table screw up by a previous boot-floppy experiment, don't know still what
> happenend then). But if no solution is found to this, i plan to add a "install
> OS modules" option in the dbootstrap menu, that will install only the modules
> from the drviers.tgz tarball which is built anyway.
> Friendly,
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