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Bug#64200: Problems installing potato/sparc from tftp.

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.13-2000-05-04
architecture: sparc
model: SPARCstation
memory: 128MB
scsi: esp
cd-rom:        none
network card:  lance ethernet (builtin)
pcmcia:        none

I just tried booting the install system for this using rarp/tftp.
Everything seems to work smoothly, the kernel boots correctly and it
starts up init (BusyBox v0.43).  Then it seems to enter a loop

E: /proc does not appear to be mounted (No such file or directory)

and nothing else happens.  My first guess is of course that the setup
system does not mount /proc prior to needing it. :)

Harald Nordgård-Hansen,  <><  http://bukharin.hiof.no/~hnh/  <>< Phone/Fax:
Østfold College, School of Computer Sciences, Norway <>< +47 6910 4033/4102

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