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Re: scripts/basedisks/po obsolete and removed

> > does debconf (am I right that this is what base-config use?) have any
> > support for i18n?
> Yes.

The other pieces here are modconf, tasksel and xviddetect. But base-config
is probably highest priority.

modconf is mostly translated. I have cs, de, eo, es, fr, hr, it, ja and pl.
The translation system is a bit odd, what you want to do is to take
/usr/share/modconf/eval_C and translate the scripts into a file called
eval_<LANG>.fixed (e.g. eval_de.fixed). You can email me the file or check
it into CVS (module = modconf). Put the files in the template/ directory.

tasksel is very simple. it's standard C gettext stuff, and I just fixed the
i18n mechanism so that it actually works now :>

Get it from cvs (module = tasksel) cd po; make C.po, and translate that to
your favorite language(s). Then, either commit back to cvs if you have an
account or email me the file. Right now I have hu, sv and pl.

xviddetect is not i18n capable. It's perl, so i'm still trying to decide how
i want to do that.

p.s. all these modules are in the debian-boot CVS tree, so 


Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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