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the recommended size for /var

On 7 May 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Bruce Sass <bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca> writes:
> > The same doc says nothing about the size of /var, except that it varies;
> > it would be nice to at least have a minimum and an idea of the variance.
> Well, /var needs to be huge because apt-get downloads to there and
> isn't clever enough to download/install/flush to fit the size of the
> parititon.

Ok, does that place the reasonable estimate of a minimum recommended
size for /var at... `du -sm /var` after a fresh install and "apt-get 
upgrade", or should it be double that number (to account for a future
`dist-upgrade' worst case overhead)?

> > Hmmm, should I ask on -testing and -user for the output of "du -sm /var"
> > on potato systems... or is there a cleaner way?
> Not really.  I my system (sparc) that returns 493.

	du -smh /var

is better, returns 28M for me (I don't use apt-get).

I've cross-posted this to debian-testing, hopefully I can get enough
samples to come up with a reasonable number for the recommended size of
/var for new installations of Potato.

So, if anyone out there is running Potato, please send me an email
containing the output of, "du -smh /var" and a note stating if it is for
a fresh install or an upgrade from Slink.


- Bruce

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