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Re: libfdisk doesn't get along with FreeBSD partitions

Vilmos Soti <vilmos@vilmos.org> writes:

> I think this is a very serious issue with Linux that the kernel and
> hardware manipulating tools have different ideas about the hardware.
> These things should be coordinated like in the BSD world. Do you
> think that simply not compiling the BSD disklabel support into the
> kernel would solve the problem? Or at least no inadvertent partition
> thrashing would occur? To the least, the install script should
> recognize this event and should warn the user.
> Other. I will be leaving tomorrow on Friday at midnight (Pacific
> Standard Time) for two weeks. I will be back on 21, Sunday. If you
> have anybody in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, then I would
> be more than happy to take the machine over so s/he could see the
> whole stuff for him/herself. However, I would need to know that as
> soon as possible.
> Sorry for the bad news again, Vilmos

We've spotted a bug in libfdisk which we think may be causing this.
However, it is hard for us to test, not generally having bsd labelled
drivers around.

Perhaps you can test boot-floppies 2.2.14 when it comes out...

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