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Bug#61930: boot floppy creation failure messages insufficient

Package: base
Version: 2.2.9-2000-03-31

During installation, creation of a boot floppy fails and little
diagnostic information is visible, even on the other virtual

(Yes, I realize the failure could be a hardware problem on my end 
and not a bug, but the lack of further useful information is a 
deficiency to improve.)

The installation script reports "Creation of a boot floppy

Messages on the third virtual console say:
   ... user.debug dbootstrap[...]: umount: No such file or directory
   ... user.debug dbootstrap[...]: umount: Invalid argument

It would be extremely helpful if the command to be executed were
logged to that virtual console, so one could see the arguments
to the command, since the command's error messages are useless
for that.

This is on a new Gateway GP7-550.  I've tried several diskettes
(were were all brand new).  Superformat seemed to be running
fine (it took a while, and displayed the formatting track xx
messages).  I believe RedHat formatted a diskette successfully.

Daniel Barclay
Digital Focus

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