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Re: Installation manual

At 06:10 PM 3/28/00, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>There is a reference to some material which is only in the German version,
>which needs to be integrated back into the others (starting with English,
>presumably).  It would be great to have that reverse translation, if the
>material is still current.

Great. (I mean that ironically) I've looked through all the materials, and I can't find that reference.

>I think I will have time this weekend to work on the English version of the
>docs.  I set up anonymous cvs to the archive for my machine last night.  I
>was not planning on committing anything myself.  Adam, please let me know
>how you'd like me to proceed if I do get to it.

Well, it's totally cool to use anon-cvs then send patches to the
list.  Someone will pick them up and apply them.  Be sure to validate
your SGML first...

How do I validate SGML?
Is there a preferred patch/diff format?

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