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Bug#60887: pcmcia modules and other things

Karl M. Hegbloom scribbled out these words:
>     Robert> There are too many screens for where do you want to install from.
>     Robert> /instmnt should not appear on the screen, it should be added to
>     Robert> the input the user provides.
>  I disagree.  The filesystem that you browse through using the "<...>"
>  button is actually mounted on "/instmnt".  If you switch to vt2 and
>  use `ls', that's where you look to look inside the mounted
>  filesystem.  The two are consistent with one another.  I don't
>  believe that the user interface is there to hide things from the
>  "user" behind a facade.  The interface is there to automate the
>  installation and make it easier to get the system bootstrapped from
>  the installation media.  We don't assume our users are clueless
>  consumers who need to be protected from knowing anything about the
>  internals of the operating system or the installation system.

At the least the dialog screen should give the user some feedback
on why the path starts with /instmnt. What happens if the user deletes
this from the input field by error, then forgets what to input.

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